Quarterly Report 2017Q1

Personal Finance

In the first quarter of 2017, my net worth increased to $635,735 and overall IRR increased to 8.77%. My day trading activities generated a nice income that offsets an impact of the tax payments. I took advantage of 0% APR offers from Bank of America and American Express to pay my taxes. The credit card・・・

Marketplace Offerings 2017Q2


LexShares Investment Opportunities It’s hard to keep up with their new offerings. You have less than 20 minutes to invest after new opportunities are announced as they get filled up quickly. It is necessary to take action immediately without waiting to see whether the case makes sense. Date Case Offering Size 04/06/2017 Breach Of Fiduciary・・・

Get Rich with Litigation Finance

Personal Finance

Due to a recent change in my investment strategy, I have to reassess my asset growth over the next few years. I start with an initial investment of $1,000,000 in the first 2 years, followed by an additional investment of $80,000 every year. The average case resolution time is 2 years with a 75% target・・・

Investment Strategy 2017

Personal Finance

Backdoor Roth IRA I considered Vanguard or Fidelity for my annual backdoor Roth IRA, but I decided to stay with Lending Club. I signed up for the Groundfloor IRA beta release. My annual backdoor Roth IRA contribution will be invested in Groundfloor IRA. I also start winding down Lending Club IRA. Litigation Finance Overweight I・・・

Annual Report 2016

Personal Finance

Net Worth Account 2015 2016 Change Cash $10,082 $42,845 $32,763 Investment $664,979 $941,248 $276,269 Debt ($174,841) ($360,996) $186,156 Total $500,220 $623,097 $122,876 The increase was $30,706 more than forecast. This was primarily driven by the additional income from salary. Income Statement Income 2016 Forecast 2016 Actual 2017 Forecast Salary $205,000 $244,718 $270,000 Investment $70,000 $57,558 $100,000 Total Income・・・

Quarterly Report 2016Q4

Personal Finance

In the fourth quarter of 2016, my net worth increased to $623,097 and overall IRR decreased to 8.75%. My overall IRR continued to suffer from a loss from Lending Club. Allocating a large portion of my portfolio to Lending Club was a big mistake. The actual ROI was much lower than the projected ROI, and・・・

Price Protection (Discover)

Credit Cards

Discover Price Protection Discover will refund the difference up to $500 on eligible items if you find a lower price at any store within 90 days of purchase. It applies to eligible items at any store so long as you used your Discover card for the entire purchase. There is a reimbursement limit of $500・・・

Marketplace Offerings 2017Q1


YieldStreet Investment Opportunities YieldStreet consistently launched new portfolio throughout the quarter. In February 20th, the announcement of Accelerated Pre-Settlement Portfolio V brought down the platform for all afternoon due to traffic spikes. The platform is experiencing excess demand. Date Amount APR Duration Description 01/16/2017 $2M 13% 36 Diversified Pre-Settlement Portfolio XIV 01/17/2017 $2.5M 9% 11 Multi-Use Real・・・

ProudLiving Project Terminated (iFunding)


My first preferred equity investment on commercial real estate project has been terminated. Funding In September 2016, iFunding announced a $1.4 million, 2-year preferred equity investment in an apartment portfolio acquisition & renovation in New Jersey. The investment has an estimated 25% preferred return: 9% current return paid monthly & 16% accrual paid at maturity.・・・

October 2016 App-O-Rama Results


Chase Slate Pay no balance transfer fee when you transfer a balance during the first 60 days your account is open. 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers from account opening. RESULT: Declined Santander Sphere 0% Introductory APR for 24 billing cycles for transactions made within 90 days of opening your・・・

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