Price Protection (Discover)

Credit Cards

Discover Price Protection Discover will refund the difference up to $500 on eligible items if you find a lower price at any store within 90 days of purchase. It applies to eligible items at any store so long as you used your Discover card for the entire purchase. There is a reimbursement limit of $500・・・

ProudLiving Project Terminated (iFunding)


My first preferred equity investment on commercial real estate project has been terminated. Funding In September 2016, iFunding announced a $1.4 million, 2-year preferred equity investment in an apartment portfolio acquisition & renovation in New Jersey. The investment has an estimated 25% preferred return: 9% current return paid monthly & 16% accrual paid at maturity.・・・

Cross Account Balance Transfers

Credit Cards

Cross-Account Transfers Generally electronic funds transfers between different account owners are not allowed. However, banks rarely verify the account owner of the target account. In some cases, banks take additional due diligence when the amount is over certain threshold (i.e. $100,000). But most of the time, cross-account ACH works without any problem. Balance Transfer Results I・・・

Bank of America Closed All Credit Card Accounts

Credit Cards

Today I received letters from Bank of America stating that they are closing my credit cards. As a result of a recent review, we’ve closed your above referenced account because there are too many accounts with balances and you currently owe sufficient amounts on your revolving lines of credit. Bank of America closed 4 credit・・・

Backdoor Roth IRA (Self Directed IRA)


I made a prior-year contribution to my traditional IRA in January, thinking that contribution would be tax deductible. Unfortunately that was not the case. An issue came up as the non-deductible IRA contribution was already fully invested in my Lending Club IRA account. I ended up having to liquidate notes to execute a backdoor Roth・・・

How to Liquidate Lending Club Loans


I’ve been liquidating my Lending Club account for over a year. The goal was to withdraw $300,000 “basis” and leave the earned interest in my account. I gradually lower the markup to accelerate the liquidation process over the past few months. As of May 5th, $240,000 were successfully withdrawn. It was going as planned. Investor Sentiment was Overly Negative・・・

Retirement Plan 2016

Personal Finance

Today’s my 37th birthday. Recently I am experiencing stress and anxiety at work. It has been taking a toll on my physical and emotional health. This might be a great time to get my retirement finances in order. We discussed different retirement plans. Various options were reviewed, and 4 key milestones came out. Early retirement became an obsession, and・・・

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