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Mint vs. Personal Capital

Personal Finance

Switched from Mint to Personal Capital I’ve tested Mint for few months in 2015. There were 2 things I didn’t like about Mint. Unable to link Target REDcard. It was a deal breaker because I often shop at Target. Unable to add investments that Mint doesn’t support. My investments are mostly with cloudfunding platforms and private・・・

Get Rich with Litigation Finance

Personal Finance

Background Due to a recent change in my investment strategy, I have to reassess my asset growth over the next few years. I start with an initial investment of $1,000,000 in the first 2 years, followed by an additional investment of $80,000 every year. The average case resolution time is 2 years with a 75%・・・

Investment Strategy 2017

Personal Finance

Backdoor Roth IRA I considered Vanguard or Fidelity for my annual backdoor Roth IRA, but I decided to stay with Lending Club. I signed up for the Groundfloor IRA beta release. My annual backdoor Roth IRA contribution will be invested in Groundfloor IRA. I also start winding down Lending Club IRA. Litigation Finance Overweight I・・・

Retirement Plan 2016

Personal Finance

Background Today’s my 37th birthday. Recently I am experiencing stress and anxiety at work. It has been taking a toll on my physical and emotional health. This might be a great time to get my retirement finances in order. We discussed different retirement plans. Various options were reviewed, and 4 key milestones came out. Early retirement became an obsession,・・・

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