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The Impact of Cash Drag

Marketplace Lending

Real Estate Closing Delays iFunding offered a preferred equity deal in September. It was a great timing as I had to find short-term fixed-income investments for the extra cash from balance transfers. I was in touch with them closely for project timeline to minimize cash drag. REI deals usually take about a month to close.・・・

Backdoor Roth IRA (Self Directed IRA)

Marketplace Lending

Background I made a prior-year contribution to my traditional IRA in January, thinking that contribution would be tax deductible. Unfortunately that was not the case. An issue came up as the non-deductible IRA contribution was already fully invested in my Lending Club IRA account. I ended up having to liquidate notes to execute a backdoor・・・

How to Liquidate Lending Club Loans

Marketplace Lending

Background I’ve been liquidating my Lending Club account for over a year. The goal was to withdraw $300,000 “basis” and leave the earned interest in my account. I gradually lower the markup to accelerate the liquidation process over the past few months. As of May 5th, $240,000 were successfully withdrawn. It was going as planned. Investor Sentiment was Overly・・・

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